Meet people from your faculty, make new friends and have fun!

TSMC will provide you with handy tips, keep you informed, supported and engaged while you are here at the college.

Why attend orientation? Because it is a great way to learn about the support services and you will:

  • Meet students and faculty in your program
  • Take a tour of our conducive learning environment
  • Get important information about your course and other essential matters
  • Get enrolment help and advice


For the whole of your journey here at TSMC, it is vital to take excellent care of yourself in terms of your overall well-being and observe good conduct. We aim to ensure that we have a harmonious student community and you are happy, fulfilling and successful. Thus, TSMC provides learning and welfare assistance to you like managing your workload.

We are also equipped to respond to local healthcare issues whenever necessary. Hence, you are part of our service mission.

TSMC commits to maximise your learning experience by providing a healthy and conducive atmosphere around the clock. Being a TSMC student is a privilege, and with privilege comes the expectation that you will uphold and strive to be an outstanding student and a global citizen. You should:

  • Respect the right of your peers to engage in candidly with neither threat nor fear
  • Abstain from harassment that is discriminatory of ethnicity, religion, orientation or any other traits
  • Abstain from vandalism, theft or misuse of both TSMC and others’ property
  • Be honest and respectful in dealing with TSMC and industrial partners
  • Comply fully with Singapore laws and TMSC regulations and procedures

All students will be treated fairly in the student conduct process whether you are the alleged student, complainant, victim or witness.

TSMC expects you to approach your work with academic diligence, honesty, and fairness despite the intensity you may be under. Whether you are working on your projects or portfolio, avoid engaging in these undesired activities:

  • Plagiarism: Utilising ideas or language without acknowledgment or citation
  • Cheating: Utilising unauthorised aids in your work
  • Unauthorised Collaboration: Collaborating with your peers beyond the agreement and approval of instructors

All local and international students are required to attain 75% attendance. You are expected to arrive on time daily with all necessary materials for school. Failure to attend classes and/or frequent late arrival is not acceptable and you will be given a warning letter that may lead to a fail grade in the course.

You are responsible for providing physical documents and communicating to TSMC and teachers that you are absent. You are responsible to complete assignments missed during your absence.

TSMC will conduct a one-to-one counseling session with you to help identify the potential reasons for your attendance prior to making any disciplinary actions.