TSMC is an institution that specialises in songwriting education for aspiring singer-songwriters and music producers. It is an initiative by Funkie Monkies, together with mm2 Asia Ltd. as a strategic partner, to bridge the music education and industry together.

The aim of TSMC is to cultivate and develop talents and provide them with the platform and opportunities to showcase their work and capabilities for the growing industry. TSMC offers courses that are infused with academic approaches to industry demands, with an in-depth focus on elements of songwriting, music production and performance.

Funkie Monkies prides itself in reaching out to music enthusiasts and helping them bring their love for music to higher levels. Since its inception in 2006, FM Pop Music School has seen hundreds of students who have not only improved their music skills but also appreciated the joys of music together with like-minded individuals. With 3 of the most prolific music makers in the MandoPop Industry, Eric Ng, Xiaohan and Jim Lim, working hand in hand, FM Pop Music School has never been more focused in nurturing songwriters.

Their signature songwriting courses have helped over 800 passionate aspiring songwriters write the song in them, winning songwriting competitions, such as the SG50 song, SGSW, and publishing songs to popular singers such as Andy Lau, Show Luo, Angela Chang, Stefanie Sun, Ding Dang, Selina of SHE, through Funkie Monkies Publishing. The school also groomed and successfully launched the music careers of singer-songwriters Wu Jiahui, Serene Koong, Kenny Khoo, and Ming Bridges.

Headquartered in Singapore, mm2 Asia Ltd. champions “Content and Media for Asia”, with businesses in the production and distribution of film, TV and online content, digital production, cinema operation, event production and concert promotion in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and the U.S.

Since being listed on the SGX Catalist in December 2014, mm2 Asia has strengthened its competitive advantage through its acquisition of a majority stake in an award-winning Singaporean 3D animation company, Vividthree Productions and event-and-concert production company, UnUsUaL Limited (SGX stock code: 1D1). With the establishment of mmCineplexes and the acquisition of Cathay Cineplexes, mm2 Asia is currently one of the key cinema operators in Malaysia and Singapore.

On 7 August 2017, mm2 Asia successfully transferred to the SGX Mainboard (SGX stock code: 1B0), becoming the first Singaporean film production company to achieve this. For more information, please visit www.mm2asia.com.