1. NUS INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. CHINA 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024
2. GB ACADEMY SDN. BHD. MALAYSIA, INDONESIA 5 May 2023 to 4 May 2024
3. RAFFLES GLOBAL EDUCATION PTE. LTD. CHINA 3 August 2023 to 2 August 2024




1. ERA Contract

  • ERAs are required to observe and comply with all terms and conditions stipulated in the ERA Contract, which includes the ERA Code of Conduct.
  • TSMC reserves the rights to terminate the ERA Contract for any breach of terms under the ERA Contract.
  • ERAs are not allowed to recruit students for TSMC without a valid ERA Contract.

2. Conduct

  • ERAs must not engage in any unethical practices which include, but is not limited to, negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation.
  • ERAs shall make every effort to ensure that all representations and warranties made on behalf of TSMC are true and accurate at the time of the making of such statement.
  • ERAs undertake to conduct student recruitment in an ethical and responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of the relevant course or curriculum as defined in materials provided to the ERA by TSMC so that potential students can make informed decisions.
  • ERAs undertake to adopt good faith practices and deploy only truthful and ethical sales techniques during recruitment at all times..

3. No guarantees for approvals by government agencies, no recognition by employers

  • ERAs undertake not to guarantee or deem to provide a sense of guarantee to prospective students with any success rate for admission to a higher learning institution and approval of any application for securing any pass (eg student’s pass), national status (PR, citizenship) from any government bodies. Any decision on such matter is at the discretion of the relevant authority and TSMC does not have any influence or jurisdiction on them. ERAs shall make this position clear to all prospective students.
  • ERAs undertake not to guarantee or deem to provide a sense of guarantee to prospective students with any employment opportunities or job replacement services for a fee. They must also not attempt to entice prospective students with promises of salaries or allowances for trainees on work attachment. It must be communicated clearly to prospective students that job attachments for international students is not guaranteed and will be subjected to the approval of relevant passes by the Ministry of Manpower.
  • ERA cannot claim that qualification awards will be recognized by employers and/or any local or foreign education institutions or associations.

4. Singapore Laws and Regulations

  • ERAs are at all material times aware of the latest Private Education Act 2009, CPE EduTrust requirements, CPE Advertising Code, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Ministry of Manpower policies and procedures related to International Students and the terms and conditions of study in TSMC.
  • ERAs undertake not to infringe any national interest and violate any laws and regulations of any relevant government agencies.

5. Fair Trading Act

  • ERAs undertake to only apply principles of fair trading in recruiting students and must not exert any form of high-pressure selling, “bait and switch” advertising or similar unfair practices or tactics.

6. Representing TSMC

  • ERAs must not be negligent, careless or incompetent in representing TSMC during recruitment so that the integrity of TSMC and Singapore’s reputation will not be compromised.
  • ERAs agree to employ appropriately qualified staff, including training to provide comprehensive pre-course counselling for prospective students to make informed decision about their programme options

7. Policies, Processes, Procedures and Documentation

  • ERAs must strictly follow all relevant TSMC’s policies, processes, procedures and documentation.

8. Student Information

  • ERAs agree to ensure that all applicant information collected as part of the application and enrolment process is securely kept and that the handling of all applicant information comply with TSMC’s confidentiality and security policy, and the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

9. Compulsory Pre-Course Counselling, No Selection of Students

  • During the pre-course counselling session, the student’s needs and capabilities are individually assessed by ERAs to determine the suitability of course. Customised solutions are then proposed to ensure an effective and fruitful learning outcome for the student. The staffs providing such services are aware of the significance of their recommendations in relation to the ambitions of prospective students. All the staff must use the up-to-date pre-course counselling kit to conduct pre-course counselling.
  • ERAs will perform pre-course counselling to prospective student and are not allowed to execute the selection of students on behalf of TSMC. Student selection will be under the charge of TSMC.

10. No Collection of Course Fees, No Acceptance of Favours by Students

  • ERAs undertake to communicate clearly to prospective students all the details of course fees and other fees payable throughout the course duration.
  • ERAs agree not to collect any course fees except the fee (if any) mentioned in the ERA Contract or accept any form of favours from potential or current students. Commission of any form will be handled between TSMC and ERAs.

11. Promotional Materials and Advertisements#

  • ERAs must comply with the CPE EduTrust Certification Scheme Guidance Document, the CPE Advertising Code, and the Private Education Act 2009 requirements for all promotional activity.
  • ERAs must not use the CPE’s logo, EduTrust logo and Certification Number, CPE Registration Number in any advertisement and promotional materials.
  • ERAs must ensure that all advertisements and promotional materials are truthful and does not include any misleading or malicious comments. The advertisements and promotional materials must be approved by TSMC before publication or release to the market.

# Under the CPE Advertising Code, an advertisement includes notice, circular, pamphlets, brochure, prospectus, program or other document to the public, and includes an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine, journal, sound and television broadcast, the internet or other media, for circulation or reception in Singapore or elsewhere.